Below follows some of the most frequently asked questions I get. More answers will be added once they?re asked.

Is Guy and Wayne a couple?

- No they?re just friends, if that?s a word you can use to describe their relationship. Frenemies?

Do Frank, Guy and Wayne live together, like are they roommates?

- This is unclear even to me, If a joke requires them to be roommates, then that?s what they are.

What?s Guy?s real name?

- I?m not sure, I haven?t asked.

Hello, I?m a writer and I need someone to draw a comic, I can?t pay right now, (maybe later if the comic sells) but It?ll be good practice and great exposure for you! are you interested?

- No, I got my own stories I would like to tell if I ever got the time. Also those reasons aren?t real.

Do you have any tips on how to start a webcomic?

- Just start it.

No, Really.

I don?t know how to make a website for my comic, can you help?

- Neither did I but then I Googled ?comicpress? you should too.

How do you become a professional artist?

- By having people pay you to do art. You can be a professional artist at any skill level, as long as you make a living out of your craft, you?re by definition a ?professional artist?.

Of course, the more skilled you are, the bigger the chance of someone paying you. but you need to market yourself, very few artist just gets ?found?.

How long have you been drawing?

- I started for real around 2003, then around 2006 I decided it?s what I?d like to do with my life.

Do you exhibit at any conventions?

- I?d like to, I attended San Diego Comic Con in 2011, but I?ve yet to exhibit at any convention. Living in Sweden makes the logistics and expenses very overwhelming.

Some day!

How did you come up with Twogag?

- It kinda just evolved from a vacuum. I only knew what I didn?t want in the comic. I didn?t want Twogag to rely on pop culture references, I didn?t want any self insertion characters and I didn?t want it to be about videogames.

How do I become an artist?

- Draw.

How do I become a writer?

- Write.

I?d like to become better at drawing, got any tips?

- Everybody says this, but it?s the only way, man. Just draw, draw, draw, draw. Sacrifice your gaming, friend and movie time and draw some more.

But something every aspiring artist should ask themselves is; "do I actually like to draw, or do I just like the idea of drawing?"

I want to become a professional webcartoonist, got any tips?

- Love drawing, hate money.

If you meet the above criteria and do create a webcomic, market it. Don?t just post your pages or strips and expect readers to find it.

Do you write your comics beforehand or just free-ball it?

- I generally start out with a vague idea or concept and develop it either in my head or as I write it.

It?s a good idea to remove yourself from distractions such as the internet while doing this. I used to browse sites a lot with the excuse "I?m looking for inspiration." but that has yet to work.

What software do you use?

- Adobe Photoshop.

What version of Photoshop do you use?

- It doesn?t matter.

What?s the best question you?ve been asked?

- This one.

Will you ever make a FAQ?

- I have a feeling the frequency of this question will subside, but yes.

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