Two Guys and Guy is 100% free to read, and I wouldn?t want it any other way.

That being said it still takes up a lot of my time and energy to create, while I am technically employed, I am not currently receiving any pay check, the hardships of being part of a start-up company. So right now twogag is my only source of income, and while creating twogag yields its own kind of special rewards, donations would greatly help out to keeping me vertical and drawing-enabled.

So if you enjoy Two Guys And Guy and would like to see it continue into the foreseeable future, please consider donating through Paypal.

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"What does my donation go to?"

Sustenance, rent, bills and general living expenses. Your donation helps to keep me alive and able to draw.

"Can I support twogag in any other way?"

Yes you can, you can send in fanart or tell your friends about twogag.

You can link from your blog, site or any other online presence you might have. You can use the links under every comic to share strips via Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Google Plus and Reddit.

Any way you can spread the word about twogag to others is very much appreciated and helpful.

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Any questions, just throw an email my way at: twogag(at)gmail(dot)com.

-Rickard Jonasson

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